• The Anlyan Center
  • Joann Sweasy
  • Joann Sweasy
  • Faye Rogers and Joann Sweasy
  • Susan Baserga
  • Alfred Bothwell
  • Philip Hanawalt
  • William Thilly and Philip Hanawalt
  • Brooks Low and Raymond Devoret
  • Brooks Low and Raymond Devoret
  • Distinguished Speakers from Left to Right: Ryan Jensen, Peter Glazer, Joann Sweasy, Karen Vasquez, Faye Rogers, Raymond Devoret, W. Dean Rupp, Philip Hanawalt, Gary Kupfer, James Ford, Richard Wood, Patrick Sung, and Stephen West
  • Left to Right: Joann Sweasy, Karen Vasquez, Evelyn Witkin, Susan Wallace, Bevin Engelward, Susan Baserga, Kara Bernstein, Graciela Spivak, and Faye Rogers
  • Susan Wallace and Philip Hanawalt
  • William Summers
  • Bevin Engelward and Patrick Sung
  • Left to Right: Dean Rupp, Susan Wallace, Evelyn Witkin, and Philip Hanawalt
  • Steven West and Mike Seidman
  • Abhijit Patel and Ranjit Bindra
  • Natalia Isaeva and Wendell Yarbrough
  • Zhong Yun
  • Zachary Nagel of MIT (3rd Place winner of poster session)
  • Dawit Kidane ( 2nd Place winner of poster session)
  • David Salzman (1st Place winner of poster session)
May 3, 2013

The Department of Therapeutic Radiology

Celebrates 50 Years of DNA Repair at Yale